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Guarantee your child the best birthday ever by organizing it in the Pyrland Rope Course.


Pyrland High Rope Course is a sport and recreational facility located in Poznan’s forest near Lake Malta. We offer several obstacle-filled rope courses situated at different heights in the trees. Each rope course includes various obstacles designed for every kind of users: bridges, ladders, zip lines and so on. The average time required to finish a course is from 45 to 90 minutes. Children’s Course is offered without a time limit.



  • The Children course – a rope course and playground in one, equipped with safety nets. For 3-year-olds and above.
  • The Low course – a lighter, more gentle introduction to rope courses. Designed for older children.
  • The Middle course – blends workout with fun. Suitable for teenagers or adults.
  • The High Course – a dose of adrenaline, recommended for people in good overall shape who need a challenge. For 16 years’ old and up.
  • Zip lines – a fast ride through the trees for children and adults alike.


Our team will ensure your child’s safety at every step of the way. Each participant has to complete our tutorial before starting their journey. Pyrland Park Rope Course will also provide each person with professional and certified equipment.
Additionally, the Children’s Course has safety nets around every obstacle.


We can organize a 1-hour workshop for your children under a watchful eye of our experienced and friendly entertainers. Workshops include games and competitions such as Paper Chase games, Mega Yenga, Kangaroo Jumping and Tug Of War.


Choose a perfect picnic spot under the tree crowns that is near the city center at the same time.

Two large wooden sheds and one slightly smaller that can accommodate up to 100 people.

Each picnic spot is located in a securely fenced area of Pyrland Park measuring about 0,5 ha.

Roasting sausages and marshmallows over a campfire is a fun activity for all ages!

Birthday party program

Let us organise a party filled with fun to celebrate your child’s birthday actively and outdoors! All courses are safe to use and are fun to play in. Number of birthday parties we’ve already organised:


Number of birthday parties we’ve already organised:


Sample outline:

1 hour with Kids’ Entertainer

Rope Course: the Low Course + Zip Line
Children need to complete the tutorial beforehand.

Roasting sausages and marshmallows

The Children Course:
A playground with safety nets around it – without time limit.

Kids Entertainers



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We've been organizing memorable birthday parties over the last six years!