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Looking for a place to spend your weekend with friends, organizing a school trip or trying to impress your family?

Pyrland High Rope Course is a sport and recreational facility located in Poznan’s forest near Lake Malta, which provides several obstacle-filled rope courses situated at different heights in the trees. Each rope course includes various obstacles: bridges, ladders, zip lines and so on, developed for every kind of user. The average time for a person to finish a course is from 45 to 90 minutes.


Our team will ensure your child safety every step of the way. Each participant has to complete our instruction guide before starting their journey. Everyone will be provided with professional and certified equipment.
Additionally, the Children Course has safety nets around every obstacle.


• The High Course – a dose of adrenaline, recommended for people in good overall shape who need to challenge themselves and are over 16 years’ old.

• The Middle course – blends workout with fun, suitable for teenagers or adults.

• The Low course – lighter, more gentle introduction to rope courses, designed for older children.

• The Children course – a rope course and playground in one, equipped with safety nets, for 3-year-olds and above.

• Zip lines – a fast ride through the trees for children and adults alike.

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Besides all the rope courses, our park also provides other ways to spend time outdoors.


EcoPotatoes (in honor of the most beloved vegetable here in Poznan)

We’ll be learning about ecology while playing various fun games.



Aren’t you curious about the history of Native Americans? Join us to find out how to play rugby with a buffalo or build your own decorated tipi.



Ahoy landlubbers! Always wanted to look for pirate’s treasure? You’re in the right place, my mates!



Could you survive in our forest wilderness? Let’s find out together!



We can organize a 1-hour workshop for your children under a watchful eye of our experienced and outgoing entertainers. – Paper Chase games, Mega Yenga, Kangaroo Jumping, Tug Of War. Each activity in direct contact with nature. 


While completing various tasks, the participants will define their roles, experience one’s strengths and weaknesses, polish up teamwork skills. General and spontaneous struggles will help identify natural born leaders and perfect team communication. Simultaneously improving abilities like coping with stress or thinking more creatively.

Every challenge is followed by a large dosage of fun, all located in a forest located in Malta, Poznan.

Building a tower from boxes sounds like nothing exciting, except for the fact that the participant has to add boxes one by one, never leaving the top of the tower. Every partaker is wearing full climbing protection. The purpose of this challenge is for the team to build a certain amount of boxes before the time runs out. It is worth emphasizing that the support of a
team is of great importance.

The main task of the team is to construct big calipers using wooden beams and ropes. The team selects one of the participants who become a calipers operator. The rest of the team will have to pull the rope in a way that will make the operator arrive at the designated place safely. Collaboration, coordination of actions, communication between teammates, an efficient division of roles – each of these abilities will be needed because even the
smallest move is important.

The goal is to safely pass as a group through the swamp using plastic boxes in the shortest time possible. The team receives one box less than the number of its participants. Participants must move using the last box in a queue and passing it forward. The competition ends when all teammates and all boxes cross the finish line. The task develops communication and teamwork while building trust.

It would seem that putting a few puzzles together would require only a small effort. And yet nothing could be further from the truth! The team has to arrange unusual jigsaw puzzles. Leadership skills, cooperation, speed, creativity, and perception are what count in this task.

The task consists of crossing the designated trail using one pair of wooden skis with several teammates on them. Competitors must synchronize their movements so that no one touches the ground. The task ends when the players cross the finish line with both skis. The key is to find a leader. Communication and cooperation are important. It is a great tool in the context of building relationships.

The objective of this competition is to survive on an island constructed out of plastic boxes, the fewer the better for the team. The essence of the task is to build relationships. There is however a catch. From the start, the number of boxes is one less than the players. Then, the caretaker will eliminate the boxes from under the team’s feet one by one. Last team standing wins.

The team task is to place the scattered bottles back into the box using a piece of rope for each pair of players. The task should be completed without stepping into the designated area where the bottles and the box are placed. The challenge puts emphasis on collaboration, communication, speed and synchronization between pairs.

The task is to build a castle using blocks and following a created pattern. Sound easy if not for the fact that the players do not see what they are building – the construction site is in a large wooden box with holes. The purpose of the game is to work on communication, relying on the ability to delegate tasks by the leader. Time and precision count.

The team balances the wooden maze between them to move the ball stuck in the maze from point A to point B. Communication and cooperation are of great importance.

The challenge for the team is to pass through the obstacle course using goggles that simulate alcohol intoxication. Goals: good fun, laughter, integration but also an educational experience of the effects of being under the influence. Exercise demonstrate dexterity, agility, and accuracy.

Each team has to go through the entire obstacle course using an unusual, horizontal ladder. The participants have to hold the ladder rungs in their hands. Time and organizational skills are important.

The objective of this exercise is to collect various items from the playing field. The participant lies on a platform suspended over the field, while the rest of the team control the platform using ropes connected to it. The most important things in this task are communication and coordination between the teammates.

A classic game. The team task is to arrange a tower using large wooden blocks. An exercise checking one’s ability to operate under the pressure of time – do not let your hand twitch.

The traditional version, the four sides of the World version. Strength is of essence but sometimes force can be beaten by cleverness and cooperation.

The exercise which will confuse all of the players. It will be revealed if the players will succeed in solving the predicament they were put in and manage to untie themselves before the time runs out. Communication and co-operation is the key!

The task is to carry the ball from point A to point B. But, the players have to roll the ball through the PVC pipes simultaneously going through the obstacle course. It is important to be in tune with other teammates.

Who doesn’t remember this fun game from our childhood?

A shooting contest using catapults which were modeled after Roman onagers. Attention: Do NOT do this at home!


In Pyrland Park it is possible to organize an incredible event containing catering and dance parties. Two large wooden sheds with benches and one slightly smaller – can accommodate up to 100 people. Campfires and barbeque grills. 400 seats in the form of outdoor tables. Located in a securely fenced area measuring about 0,5 h.

Roasting sausages and marshmallows over a campfire can be a fun activity no matter what age you are!